Building the pool

Pool or no pool… Over the years, we have talked about it again and again, changed our views sevral times, decided we didn’t want one, been told we shook have one if we are letting, fought against it, reviewed this decision and finally, after several hot summers and a drop in bookings for the gîtes – we did it!

Work started in spring 2012.

Preparing the site:  4 – 8 May (Dan does some digging and gets to drive a truck)

04-May-2012 the site08-May-201208-May-2012 (2)08-May-2012 (3)

15 – 17 May With a little help from our friends…


11/12 June : Putting the bits together…


3/4 July – the liner and first water (Dan and Jean-Pierre, our neighbour)


12 July – the deck goes down


Just in time for the grand opening – the arrival of the first summer guests in the gîtes, & our party to celebrate 15 years at Fraysse Haut!

14 July 2012


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